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Made For Live

Life is lived in the kitchen.

This is where it all comes together. Our kitchens are more than a place to cook – and more than their four walls and the floor space.

They are a space for everything and everyone. They are somewhere to work, indulge, talk, relax and party. A place for me, a place for us. The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home.

– Made for life

Kitchen Maker

We produce kitchens made in Germany.

They exhibit consummate craftsmanship, the highest quality standards, attention to detail and a constant stream of new ideas – and have done so for more than 90 years. 

And what has that given us?

Awards, global recognition

and most importantly
– satisfied customers.

The new 2020 range impresses with a truly great selection: from the best comes only the finest. Discover internationally award-winning kitchen.

follow our journey & be part of #alno family

Tips for Maximizing Kitchen Sets
1. Add Additional Shelves Do you have cabinets that are quite wide and high in the kitchen? Maximize storage by placing a small shelf like the picture above. 2. Maximize Door Usage Don't leave the kitchen door set without an extra organizer. By providing additional shelves at the door, you can have extra space to store spices, tall…
Kitchen Set Parts
1. Upper Cabinet Upper cabinets can be closed or open shelves. The top is used to store dish racks, cooker hoods, or kitchen spices. The width of the top kitchen set is smaller than the bottom, the maximum width is 45 cm. The standard kitchen set height is 75 cm. 2. Bottom Cabinet The lower cabinet is used…
What are the Benefits of Kitchen Sets?
Kitchen set is one of the important furniture needed in a house. The existence of a kitchen set is needed to store all kitchen utensils and equipment until the food is ready to be served. The number of cooking utensils and equipment often makes the kitchen look messy. Therefore, you need a kitchen set to complete…

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